We encourage every child in our care to discover, learn and grow

The age between 3 and 5 is an important time for development and making sure your child is getting the best early years education available is vital. Preschool children are a lot more independent and are certainly starting to develop their own real personalities by the time they reach 3 or 4.

Our trained, caring and professional staff understand that nurturing is a large part of that growth process and there’s no one size fits all solution. At our childcare setting, children are treated as individuals and are given the care and personal attention they need to thrive.

We are committed to the Early Years Foundation Stage and an important part of our activities is helping children to develop so they are ready for when they start school. We believe that encouraging children is vital but also aim to get them used to new things and getting them to ask questions as well as become more reflective about the world around them. Our rooms are equipped with lots of educational resources.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of time for fun. We all know that kids at this age have plenty of energy to expend. We have a great outdoor area that allows them to use their imaginations and play all the games they want while burning off a bit of energy.

Our staff at Beverly Hills are trained to deliver the Early Years Education Stage and aim to provide a strong, safe, nurturing environment for children of preschool age. We also understand that nutrition is an important part of growing up and development. The children in our care are provided with natural and healthy food options during the day.

Picking the right childcare setting for your pre-schooler is important, especially once they start to become more independent. If you’d like to see just how we operate and the facilities we have, why not book a visit to Beverly Hills today.


Our Outdoor Space

We believe outdoor play and exploration are an essential part of learning and growing up. So we have developed our gardens to provide children with the greatest variety of experiences, challenges and controlled risks.

Our gardens nurture healthy and active fun through climbing, cycling, sand and water play. Children can learn and interact with natural elements while learning to play

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