At Beverly Hills, we understand that the first five years of any child’s life is vitally important. We created this childcare setting to provide early years education that really makes a difference. We are conveniently located in Aylesbury, Berryfields. We are committed to delivering affordable Childcare that really counts..

We know that many parents worry whether they’re choosing the right people to look after their child. That’s why we’re always open and transparent and ready to answer your questions, whatever they might be.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Childcare Settings?

  • We believe that children learn best through fun and play so we work hard to create an engaging environment that really nurtures their potential.
  • You don’t have to worry that your child will get lost in the crowd. We ensure that numbers are manageable and that each of our children gets the individual attention they deserve.
  • Our staff are qualified and committed and they help us develop the nurturing environment that really encourages your child to progress while they enjoy their time with us.
  • We don’t just focus on early years education but make sure that all aspects of our delivery meet expectations. That includes maintaining high levels of child safety and ensuring the right, wholesome nutrition is provided for the children in our care.
  • Our location is very secure and access is limited so that both children and staff remain safe during the day. Plus we are very fortunate to have a well-equipped outdoor space, creating an additional area for learning and fun!

  • At Beverly Hills, it’s personal. If you have any ideas or concerns, you can always discuss them with us. From our point of view, the relationship with parents is just as important as the one we develop with the children we look after.

    We’re always happy for prospective new parents to come and check out our facilities and find out how we do things.

    Contact us today if you’d like to see what Beverly Hills can offer.

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